November 01, 2016

Recap Events. Gone For To Long.

It has been 2 months since the last time I've updated anything on my blog.Yas! Been busy with work and me and Dani are busy arranging something big for our new up coming project.Alot have things had happen for the past few months. Within this few months, we had a few clinic visit, admitted to the hospital and grandparents falls sick.

During the month of August, me and Daniel got admitted. At first I was admitted for severe abdominal pain in Sunway Medical Hospital.I was admitted for 2 days because the doctor wanted to observe my progress.But end up nithing major later on. so Alhamdulillah!.

*When work loads' killing you - all you need is a good strong Ais Coffee with low fat milk and triple shots. Happiness!*

Then one week after that, Daniel was having ahigh fever and he had a seizure 3 times. Daniel and my parents were at our Seremban home, Me and Dani were at our Puchong home, Saturday morning me and Dani were about to get ready to head back to Seremban, my mom call me letting me know that Daniel had a high fever of 39c and he just had a seizure. So without panicking Dani told my mom to send Daniel to the nearest private hospital.Then 1 hours later he was fine and send home by the doctor. Then when we arrived home, Daniel was happy. He played with his toys, run around like nothing happen. Until he was asleep during his morning nap. I was lying next to him and he started to shiver. I assumed he was cold due to the air condition but then  I noticed his mouth started to bubbled up and his eye were rolled over and his whole body was stiffed. I shouted calling Dani and my mom. It was about 3 minutes until Daniel was fully awake from his seizure. He was so weak at that point , i told my mom lets bring him back to his Paeds in Columbia Asia Puchong. But my mom was insisted we took him to Serdang Hospital (bad call on my part. Will get to that later).

When we reach the hospital, Daniel was straight admitted for observation.He was at the hospital for 3 days. But on day 3, I've noticed that his body was cover with rashed especially on his mouth, feet and hands. I told the Paed Specialist that it might be Hand, Foot and Mouth Diseased but the doctor said no its not and I do not know how HFMD look like. I was abit shocked but I just give in because she's the doctor.She just said its a viral fever and it can caused the rash. So the next day he was discharge and he was fine despite the raches. My mom as paranoid as she always is, she took Daniel to Skin Speacialist, Doctor Md Noor in KL. 

Then when Doctor Md Noor attend Daniel, without hesitant he said Daniel had HFMD. Yes!! The same diseased that I suspected when he was still admitted in Serdang few days ago. I was so furious I fell like driving back to Serdang hospital and find that so called Paeds specialist.

Then few weeks later, he finally fully recover from HFMD. Since that day, I've told my parents and Dani that whatever it is, im not going to step foot to ANY government hospital. This is not the first time I experience something like this. So im sick and tired !

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