November 01, 2016

Recap Events. Gone For To Long.

It has been 2 months since the last time I've updated anything on my blog.Yas! Been busy with work and me and Dani are busy arranging something big for our new up coming project.Alot have things had happen for the past few months. Within this few months, we had a few clinic visit, admitted to the hospital and grandparents falls sick.

During the month of August, me and Daniel got admitted. At first I was admitted for severe abdominal pain in Sunway Medical Hospital.I was admitted for 2 days because the doctor wanted to observe my progress.But end up nithing major later on. so Alhamdulillah!.

*When work loads' killing you - all you need is a good strong Ais Coffee with low fat milk and triple shots. Happiness!*

Then one week after that, Daniel was having ahigh fever and he had a seizure 3 times. Daniel and my parents were at our Seremban home, Me and Dani were at our Puchong home, Saturday morning me and Dani were about to get ready to head back to Seremban, my mom call me letting me know that Daniel had a high fever of 39c and he just had a seizure. So without panicking Dani told my mom to send Daniel to the nearest private hospital.Then 1 hours later he was fine and send home by the doctor. Then when we arrived home, Daniel was happy. He played with his toys, run around like nothing happen. Until he was asleep during his morning nap. I was lying next to him and he started to shiver. I assumed he was cold due to the air condition but then  I noticed his mouth started to bubbled up and his eye were rolled over and his whole body was stiffed. I shouted calling Dani and my mom. It was about 3 minutes until Daniel was fully awake from his seizure. He was so weak at that point , i told my mom lets bring him back to his Paeds in Columbia Asia Puchong. But my mom was insisted we took him to Serdang Hospital (bad call on my part. Will get to that later).

When we reach the hospital, Daniel was straight admitted for observation.He was at the hospital for 3 days. But on day 3, I've noticed that his body was cover with rashed especially on his mouth, feet and hands. I told the Paed Specialist that it might be Hand, Foot and Mouth Diseased but the doctor said no its not and I do not know how HFMD look like. I was abit shocked but I just give in because she's the doctor.She just said its a viral fever and it can caused the rash. So the next day he was discharge and he was fine despite the raches. My mom as paranoid as she always is, she took Daniel to Skin Speacialist, Doctor Md Noor in KL. 

Then when Doctor Md Noor attend Daniel, without hesitant he said Daniel had HFMD. Yes!! The same diseased that I suspected when he was still admitted in Serdang few days ago. I was so furious I fell like driving back to Serdang hospital and find that so called Paeds specialist.

Then few weeks later, he finally fully recover from HFMD. Since that day, I've told my parents and Dani that whatever it is, im not going to step foot to ANY government hospital. This is not the first time I experience something like this. So im sick and tired !

Diference's Between A Girl and A Woman.

I don't have alot of girlfriends.Because I choose not too. past experience has taught me alot about that. Most my friends are guys. Alot more easier and no fuss.To me, hanging out with the guys has less drama compare to girls and guys tend to be more realistic in many ways.

Having a girl friend is important actually because despite the fact that i'm married , there are thing's I just don't share with Dani. So whenever I need someone to talk to or to rant about something, Didi is my person.She's the type of friend that I dont need to asked her to back me up . She's always there. Anytime, anywhere. Well, we're always for each other.I used to have a girl bestfriend but that's bad new. Not going to go in depth with that. Let's just leave it at that.

What make's her different from my other girlfriends is - she doesn't bother to be superior in our friendship.We can be each other with each other. In other words, we can make a fool of ourselves with each other.

Somehow I don't feel suffocated when I'm around her. She's funnier than me that's for sure and much more wiser for her age.She's been through alot in life and she's always keep a strong ground on her, she never complaint about how fucked up her life is. She's always say, good things will come to her.

Didi is the first person and the last person I texted almost everyday other than Dani.We tend to share almost everything that's happening in our daily life. We dont get to spend much time in person because of my work and I'm busy with my side project but alhamdulillah Didi is so understanding and very supportive.Currently my side project requires me to approach people and Didi help me alot. She taught me on how to talked to prospect, how to conduct myself and also how to overcome prospect who's abit on the hard side. Didi working in Sales since forever and she's good at it.

I remember one time when I was so down because I was so tired talking to new prospect, she told me that doing what I was doing that time need alot of courage and confident. Knowing that I'm the type of person who's shy and don't have alot of self esteem, she's was so proud of myself because I managed to overcome my fear. 

"Girls tend to tear other girls down but we woman support each other."

Semoga murah rezeki ko nok sebab sabar dengar aku membebel hari-hari and sabar dengan kerenah aku. Love you kid!

August 22, 2016

Slow Down Woman!

To me 30 is still young. You can still do the thing you used to do when you're in your early teenage and 20's. But how I was wrong. All of you may know that me and Dani are a foodie. We enjoy food. Food for us is not just something to feel you up but to us, food is a soothing pleasure. 

Few days ago Dani and I were enjoying our day off and we went to Dotty's for breakfast, Boat Noodle for lunch and Tokyo Secret Cheese Tart for Hi Tea. In between meals, I was munching fruits and few nuts. Easy to say, I was eating junk, and junk and tons of junk. Dani did try to warn me because he knew about my gastric issue but stubborn I am, I just continue munching.

So few days after I had a severe pain in my abdomen. The pain is on my right part of the stomach. My mom was worried that it could be an Appendix.I was so in pain that I could barely walk. Dani had to carry me into the car before we headed to Sunway Medical.

The MO there suspected that I might have Appendix and I was admitted right there and then. Dani called my agent and kind hearten soul he is, he arranged everything for me.From my admission to requesting a GL from my 
Insurance company. 

I was admitted for 2 days for observation and it turns out it was Gastric. Thank god it was an Appendix. I was worried that it and I was so relief that it was just a Gastric issue. 

The day we were allowed to go home, Dr Wong said to me 

" remember ah. your 30! not 20! so stop eating junk. Jangan perasan you muda lagi ok! ". Haahahaha!

Hectic working life are the main factor I've got Gastric. I sometime lost track of time and my lunch at the office usually just a cup of coffee and 3 crackers. Thats it!.

I think it's about time for me to start eat clean again. Plus my knee are jacked up! Its been awhile since the last time I wear 4 inch heels.

August 18, 2016

Review - Dotty's

I blogged about my first visit to Dotty's few months ago. That time I was with my dear friend, Didi. So since then I've been ranting about Dotty's to Dani and I feel like his getting bored of me talking about how much I love their Cronut. I've always find any excuses to go to Dotty's.

So come's one fine day, Dani out of nowhere asked me to get ready for breakfast date. Daniel as usual with my parents at our hometown so, it's a date then.I was so excited about Cronut I just couldn't careless on putting on make up and dolled up myself.

As we arrived there, Dotty's are almost full and it's only 9.30 in the morning.I decided to order myself a Baked Egg and Dani ordered himself Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

This is a Lemon Meringue Pie. This pastry is just nice. Not too sweet, not too sour and not too heavy.This the right amount.

 Baked Egg served with toast. The gravy for the Baked Egg consisted of meatball, diced onion,garlic and Eggplant. I not a personal fan of Eggplant but for this dish I have to make an exception because it's just so darn good. 

Nothing fancy about their Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

All and all the food here is amazing. Their staff is very friendly but I've noticed that the place is abit loud for me. If you're planning to have a discussion or a meeting, this is not the place.

July 19, 2016

Second Year Anniversary.

We celebrate our anniversary on June and it falls during Ramadhan and usually we always go to out favorite restaurant and enjoy each others company and just spend sometime together and have an adult conversation with each other. At home, we dont spend much time together because we're busy with work and our working hours is different. Dani works on shifts and I work on normal hours.

So before I head back to Kedah for raya, I called up my closed friend who works with a travel agencies to book me up a hotel somewhere in Pulau Pinang. She told me that a brand new hotel just open and they are having a promotion.Lexis Suite Penang is similar to their other branches in Port Dickson.After looking at their website and read a bunch of review from tripadvisor, Im hooked and I asked my friend to booked them for me.

I didnt tell Dani about the hotel reservation because I want to surprised him for our anniversary. On the third raya, I told Dani that we're going to Pulau Pinang because I wanted to go to Bukit Bendera. He kept on asking me why we need to pack our bags, I just told him wait and see!

We drove for almost 1 hour and he gets more and more suspicious once we reached the island. I told Dani lets go to Nasi Kandar Line Clear first and then we go to Queensbay Mall because I need to buy some stuff for me.Once we reach Queensbay, I straight away walked towards Bath & Body Works to buy some bath bombs. Dani once told me that he loves soaking himself in the bath tub with hot water and he didn't managed to do that since there's no bathtub at our house.

But sadly enough they dont have it and the sales girl suggested me other things. Smells so good and its cheap too. So after paying the stuff I told Dani we can now go to Teluk Kumbar. He continues asking question and once we reached to the hotel, his smiling and started laughing.

At the parking area I told him that its a surprised anniversary present from me. Plus the three of us need some time together alone with anyone else.After checking in and sort our stuff out , Dani and Daniel are ready for a swim. Well not really a swim but a dip mostly.Lols!

The room comes with 2 large double beds, very spacious, afew cans of soft drinks as a complementary drinks, spacious bathroom and ofcause the best part its own private pool overlooking the hill and also the sea.

As the boys decided to take a dip, I just chill on the bed before my hot bath.

The next day Daniel work up so early around 6.30am and when he woke up, the both of us has to woke up as well.So the three of us laying on the bed and watching Tv. Later we head down for breakfast. To our surprised,  there not many people there. We were the only people there. Maybe its because its too early and its on a Sunday.

Too early to them but to us, freedom. They offer alot of food. Nasi Lemak, Bihun Goreng, Fruits, Breads, Dimsum and other stuff.It was perfect for us because I dont like crowded people and we take our own sweet time and enjoy our food.

Later once we ready to head back to our hotel, people start coming in. We chill in the hotel the rest of the day and enjoying the pool. We headed back to KL early the next day just to avoid traffic.