August 22, 2016

Slow Down Woman!

To me 30 is still young. You can still do the thing you used to do when you're in your early teenage and 20's. But how I was wrong. All of you may know that me and Dani are a foodie. We enjoy food. Food for us is not just something to feel you up but to us, food is a soothing pleasure. 

Few days ago Dani and I were enjoying our day off and we went to Dotty's for breakfast, Boat Noodle for lunch and Tokyo Secret Cheese Tart for Hi Tea. In between meals, I was munching fruits and few nuts. Easy to say, I was eating junk, and junk and tons of junk. Dani did try to warn me because he knew about my gastric issue but stubborn I am, I just continue munching.

So few days after I had a severe pain in my abdomen. The pain is on my right part of the stomach. My mom was worried that it could be an Appendix.I was so in pain that I could barely walk. Dani had to carry me into the car before we headed to Sunway Medical.

The MO there suspected that I might have Appendix and I was admitted right there and then. Dani called my agent and kind hearten soul he is, he arranged everything for me.From my admission to requesting a GL from my 
Insurance company. 

I was admitted for 2 days for observation and it turns out it was Gastric. Thank god it was an Appendix. I was worried that it and I was so relief that it was just a Gastric issue. 

The day we were allowed to go home, Dr Wong said to me 

" remember ah. your 30! not 20! so stop eating junk. Jangan perasan you muda lagi ok! ". Haahahaha!

Hectic working life are the main factor I've got Gastric. I sometime lost track of time and my lunch at the office usually just a cup of coffee and 3 crackers. Thats it!.

I think it's about time for me to start eat clean again. Plus my knee are jacked up! Its been awhile since the last time I wear 4 inch heels.


awanungu said...

take care zara. jangan makan junk food selalu. Lama u menyepi tak update blog.

zara baharim said...

hey...busy dengan kerja, anak lately asek x berapa sehat tu yang lame x update. thank u. u take care too ye :)

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