November 01, 2016

Diference's Between A Girl and A Woman.

I don't have alot of girlfriends.Because I choose not too. past experience has taught me alot about that. Most my friends are guys. Alot more easier and no fuss.To me, hanging out with the guys has less drama compare to girls and guys tend to be more realistic in many ways.

Having a girl friend is important actually because despite the fact that i'm married , there are thing's I just don't share with Dani. So whenever I need someone to talk to or to rant about something, Didi is my person.She's the type of friend that I dont need to asked her to back me up . She's always there. Anytime, anywhere. Well, we're always for each other.I used to have a girl bestfriend but that's bad new. Not going to go in depth with that. Let's just leave it at that.

What make's her different from my other girlfriends is - she doesn't bother to be superior in our friendship.We can be each other with each other. In other words, we can make a fool of ourselves with each other.

Somehow I don't feel suffocated when I'm around her. She's funnier than me that's for sure and much more wiser for her age.She's been through alot in life and she's always keep a strong ground on her, she never complaint about how fucked up her life is. She's always say, good things will come to her.

Didi is the first person and the last person I texted almost everyday other than Dani.We tend to share almost everything that's happening in our daily life. We dont get to spend much time in person because of my work and I'm busy with my side project but alhamdulillah Didi is so understanding and very supportive.Currently my side project requires me to approach people and Didi help me alot. She taught me on how to talked to prospect, how to conduct myself and also how to overcome prospect who's abit on the hard side. Didi working in Sales since forever and she's good at it.

I remember one time when I was so down because I was so tired talking to new prospect, she told me that doing what I was doing that time need alot of courage and confident. Knowing that I'm the type of person who's shy and don't have alot of self esteem, she's was so proud of myself because I managed to overcome my fear. 

"Girls tend to tear other girls down but we woman support each other."

Semoga murah rezeki ko nok sebab sabar dengar aku membebel hari-hari and sabar dengan kerenah aku. Love you kid!

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